India: Knowing the Unknown – II

Interesting facts about India that we should know

Here we continue the first part of the article India: Knowing the Unknown – I

The toughest and fiercest fighters on this planet
 completed 200 years –The Gorkha Regiment.
 with Kayar Hunu Bhanda Marnu Ramro as their motto.
It is the largest program catering over 14mn children
A scheme to ensure attendance in school and nutritional level.

This art of fighting was invented in India
 Founder of Kung fu was actually Monk Bodhidharma.
This place is the wettest in the world
The clouds here always remain unfurled.
Living Root Bridges is another charm of this region,
Roots of plants are guided across the rivers in legion.
This 7th largest country with 1.32bn population
 Doesn’t have a national language to mention.
Karnataka’s Mattur speaks only Sanskrit
 for their communication, whatever be it.
A polling station is set up just for one voter
 As if the duty to vote, he is the
Syrian Christians are said to be descendants of Thomas the Apostle
 since the 1st century A.D., which am sure to give you a jostle!
With Mangalyaan successfully entering Mars orbit,
 She created History-
 And doing so, India is the first
NISAR satellite will be put in orbit by GSLV in 2021
 Irony- the same rocket on which US sanctions were put on!
We speak of corruption, we speak of poverty Yet so much to be proud of, forgetting negativity. We the countrymen can make her again as great nation And that should be done with efforts in combination. She has the oldest civilization with so much history- We must create again and retain the glory No, it ain’t the time for valedictory!

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