Look hot and bold in this summer

This summer dont miss your chances to get flirt from your crush, Let them relize that u are the best crush they had in their life ever. Present you best of best to get noticed in this crowdy.

The perfect T Shirt – As elusive as the perfect man himself

Lace up boots – A sleek boot says “I have a my life together” but a loose lace boot says “I am still sponteneous, unbreakale and unpredictable.

A well Fitted Suit – Someone please introduce to this guy , I want to for a wedding.

Round Tortoise Shell Glasses – A look that speaks “hey Sexy my eye have been damaged from all the studying and reading I do for all the time. I am way to smart as i look I can explain things to you if u r genuinly fell interested.

Aviators – I have literaly not seen a single personal who doesn’t look bold and hot in aviators.

A well soft and cozy flannel – You will promtly stell and never return.

Crisp White vans –

The Khaki, roll slightly at the ankel –

The perfect fitted tan blazer –

A button down Shirt and sleevs rolled up –

A leather jacket that make him look like a fu**ing flattered –

A casual chambry Shirt –

A sharp white linen shirt –

Subhankar Adhikary

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