Raksha Bandhan – An Eternal Bond of Siblings

Once while travelling in a train I heard ‘If he doesn’t call me, why should I? If he doesn’t bother, why should I care?’. She was repeating these words quite a few times and tried to convince her mother not to call him on her behalf and express the emotions she was feeling. Imagine the mother’s condition whose children were drifting apart and her helplessness. Well, these things are not very rare. As we grow up we become so busy with our lives that we consider talking to our brother/sister to be a duty. They are the first BFFs we make in this world and in the flow of life we distance ourselves.

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We forget no matter what they will always have our back! They are the ones who will complain against us to parents and they are the ones who will do anything and everything to see us happy.

It’s like the chocolate chips in our cookies. Cookies taste good, but with chocolate chips –it’s great! It adds taste.

Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk

They know every single detail of our life – be it eating stealthily or our first crush! From being first playmates, partners-in-crime till one’s dying day, this relation between siblings has a magical connection of protection. To celebrate this miraculous love and to seek blessings and wishes for brother, and not to mention demanding some pleasant gifts, sisters tie this knot of protection. And sometimes brothers take this promise of protection so seriously that they feel every other boy in locality is stalking his sister and every friend she is talking to is flirting!

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They are the ones who will annoy you to no end and yet you’ll miss their PJs and pranks once you are not with them. We can’t get enough of them!

Rabindranath Tagore started this festival as a symbol of Bengal unity during British colonial rule. It is for inspiring the concept of love, respect and a vow of mutual protection between Hindu – Muslims and protesting together for an undivided Bengal.

But he was unsuccessful in doing so. Bengal was divided; the eastern part became predominantly a Muslim country, Bangladesh (now) and the part that remained with India is West Bengal, as we know it. His motive was to create a place of peaceful coexistence thinking beyond religion and caste.

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In today’s world when there is so much strife, calamity, adversity this festive ritual does the perfect job of developing a bond of friendship and love. We must think not only of our own family but also of the family in broader respect.

And by tying this sacred thread let us spread the love and harmony, humanity and mankind, peace and togetherness. Who can express love more than we humans? If not us, then who?

In this context must mention is of the students of Marora village of Haryana who have already sent the consignment of the rakhis for US president Donald Trump and for PM Narendra Modi for a strong tie between the US and India.

Moreover, 40 Muslim women from Uttar Pradesh thanked their CM Yogi Adityanath and our PM for issuing voices against triple talaq. These ‘sisters of the nation’ by tying rakhi want only the protection from a brother which their husbands couldn’t provide. The security and justice which a husband vows to provide his wife, are the gifts they are demanding from their brothers in return. If some of us can think for our nations and spread love, can we others not sort out such trifle tussle between our own siblings and recollect those ‘meethi memories’?

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Can we not remind how important they are in our lives? Can we not appreciate their helps, their unconditional love for us? Is that really hard thing to do?

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